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Brenda Renee - Founder of Mystical Empress

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 Phone Psychic, Clairvoyant & Empath

The One and Only Mystical Empress' Brenda Renee, MS

Phone Psychic Readings by Brenda Renee  In my psychic readings, my focus is to:

- interpret the client’s current energy field
- reveal possible blocks
- discuss possible outcomes
- offer guidance to redirect energy toward the desired manifestation, IF my client prefers a different outcome.

Call Now: 720.900.9727 or 720.965.0062 

Tarot Phone Psychic Readings - Astrology Phone Psychic Readings 
$40 for 20 Minutes - $50 for 30 Minutes - $85 for 1 Hour

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Tarot Phone Psychic Readings


 Tarot Card Phone Psychic Reading

* 5 different decks: Tarot, Numerology,
Goddess, Animal, & Nature
* 4 card spreads
* In person, phone or messenger
* $60/20 Minutes or $80/30 minutes or $150/60 minutes
Call 720-900-9727 or 720-965-0062


Astrology Phone Psychic Readings


 Astrology Phone Psychic Reading

 * Astrology Chart cast with natal planets
*Current cycles & trends
* Date, time, and place of birth needed
* In person, by phone or messenger
Call 720-900-9727 or 720-965-0062