1501515_496725753780757_70464602_oOur Phone Psychic's Approach to Personal Growth with Quantum Phone Psychic Readings

What She Does
Mystical Empress, creates a holistic, spiritual approach to your dreams by personalizing our Quantum Phone Psychic Readings to your specific personal growth needs regarding Career, Love or Life Path. She shows you how easy it is to blend Quantum Shifting and Law of Attraction to move swiftly toward your dreams! Mystical Empress Brenda Renee' brings her joy for life and creativity to guide teenagers and adults in creating their own unique life expression. Each person's individuality is supported in a fun and magical experience of learning.  Each life path is honored and guided to its fullest potential.

We offer Life Coaching, Tarot and Astrology Psychic Readings and Astrology Charts to offer you insight and answers on Career, Love or Life Path.
- Affordable, Accurate, Psychic Readings using empath, clairvoyant, tarot card, astrology, & numerology skills
- Quantum Life Coaching applying holistic, metaphysical, law of attraction and quantum physics principles
- Astrology Chart Analysis reviewing natal, relationship, (synastry & composite), and electional charts
- Feng Shui consulting of home, office and landscape environments using Form School approach
- Our most popular psychic Readings consist of Tarot card readings and Astrology Readings by Phone, Email, Text, Chat and In Person

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Tarot Phone Psychic Readings


 Tarot Card Phone Psychic Reading

* 5 different decks: Tarot, Numerology,
Goddess, Animal, & Nature
* 4 card spreads
* In person, phone or messenger
* $60/20 Minutes or $80/30 minutes or $150/60 minutes
Call 720-900-9727 or 720-965-0062


Astrology Phone Psychic Readings


 Astrology Phone Psychic Reading

 * Astrology Chart cast with natal planets
*Current cycles & trends
* Date, time, and place of birth needed
* In person, by phone or messenger
Call 720-900-9727 or 720-965-0062